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  1. Rise and Shine says:

    Me before: 👩 Me after: 👼

  2. John Fibra says:

    2:39 What is the track's name?

  3. Roger Whiting says:

    Another neglible body fat woman with basketballs. How unusual.

  4. Ernest Lopez says:


  5. Aerobic Inc says:

    great 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Blackwood Richmore says:


  7. Leondrius says:

    I'm learning a lot. Really.

  8. Jaydev Mishra says:

    You are soooooo beautiful ❤

  9. Flor Resendiz says:

    Hoy hice esto

  10. staffan ginger says:

    Did these 5 days in a row, then took like 1 day for rest. But how often should I do them for best results? Btw they’re awesome if you wanna work your abs when you don’t really have the time 🙂

  11. Doc Holiday says:

    1 year you still build? Your hot ..🤓🤓

  12. Derek says:

    SO CRINGE………its just all about the looks for her lmfao

  13. Haassan1 says:

    Im 16 and watching this vid, nuff said.

  14. The Phenomenal Channel says:

    Your glutes are big
    But mine are bigger

  15. boz says:

    Good woman, good exercises, good editing. What more can you ask

  16. Kakarottensaft _ says:


  17. Ivan Lulev says:

    i`m in love..

  18. Cobra Kan says:

    Awesome and beautiful

  19. Greta Skywalker says:

    Damn Chris, you look awesome😍

  20. With Style says:

    5:40 those back muscles puh!!

  21. Imran Tahir says:

    Excellent workout

  22. Brad Flores says:

    Is it like a certain kind of magic or just an acquired skill that they are so nimble on their feet??? Baffled i guess it's a "practice makes perfect" scenario!

  23. zurluko boom says:

    Future milf

  24. Za Za says:

    she said "45 seconds"..but keeps doing the reps

  25. Fedric Kharkrang says:

    Thank you so much its very helpful

  26. Anthony zZ Gamer says:

    She's very pretty¡¡¡¡¡¡

  27. John Smith says:

    shes cute, but why the disgusting pornstar name?

  28. jackie wong says:

    Why is she so beautiful? And why this is in my recommendation?

  29. Brandon Ricondo says:

    The crucifix looks fun so does the side to side plank both for sure going to add in to a routine 😁thanks

  30. MOHAMMAD Ashik says:

    Is it for man also ?

  31. Supreme Nation says:

    Omg i feel the same as all these comments. Im lost staring. I totally forgot what work outs shes doing. Her husband must be thor

  32. Neelakshya Sinha Roy says:

    One of the best ab videos I found on YouTube. Short, intense and works all ab muscles