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  1. NEXT Workout says:

    What's up, guys!! Thanks for your support, comments, and likes! I appreciate you so much! Let's go!!

  2. Anonymous Wolf says:

    Skipped gym from last 5 months… going to skip next couple of months too. And i have to do Goku cosplay next year.. wtf im doing. Im going to start this today looks effective

  3. Danish Sheikh says:

    How many calories does this workout burn ??

  4. Fun2BFit - Maeve Mullins says:

    Hey I really enjoyed your video

  5. Chetan vamsi says:

    Call an ambulance before this workout
    Cause you will have a massive heart attack 💓

  6. Pashka Stopnukov says:

    Вот это было очень жостка мужик!!!!!

  7. MOLOTOBAL says:

    Игорь, снова какой-то писк 1:25

  8. VicJONES says:

    DIA 15 go

  9. Moksh Sharma says:

    Do you play pubg😔😔

  10. Rajesh Bar says:

    i lke your work out

  11. Kevin Gibson says:

    Awesome workouts!

  12. Yuriy Lutsenko says:

    Игорь, ты реально думал, что я остановлюсь на 15 дне и не найду это видео? Благо, знаю английский. Надеюсь я не один такой
    Translation for curios people:
    Ihor, do you really think I would stop on day 15 and don't find this video? Fortunatelly, I know english. I hope, I'm not the only one

  13. Róka Krisztián says:

    Uf nice workout! I do it for the first time and now im dead ahahha
    I will do it every day thank you!

  14. NAvnIT GAmER says:

    Have anyone noticed that everytime the like icon in starting of his video is 71k

  15. shiva nani says:

    Sir, can u give a perfect schedule for a good body

  16. harsh asoliya says:

    How much calories does this workout burns please

  17. Vincent Joseph Appuhamy says:

    you are worckouts is wrong

  18. Vincent Joseph Appuhamy says:

    you are very fast you are made

  19. Atalanta says:

    lol when you consider pushups a cardio exercise is when you know you've made it

  20. shravan kumar says:

    This workout's so much fun, had me catching my breath later on.

  21. Chirantan Mukherjee says:

    I'm exhausted

  22. XBoxerPro69 says:

    Тоже зашел сюда потому что в русской версии еще нет этой тренировки?)

  23. Ujjwal Dhanfhole says:

    Right now This is impossible for me to do it in a one go. But i'll make it possible, thanks 😠🔥

  24. Matthew Husada says:

    How many calories does this burn?

  25. Vedant A says:

    I couldn't see my rib cage now I can see it perfectly

  26. fyujbk oug says:

    Omg! I'm almost dead😱

  27. Brandon Gaffoor says:

    People who don't subscribe to this guy are selfish

  28. DEeLan Thangjam says:

    Heyy, igor i hope you readin this comment💛💛
    Please make some guide for below age 18.
    There are many below 18 so kindly accept my request 💞💞💞