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7 Minute CELLULITE Reducing Workout | Exercise to Lose Thigh…

7 Minute CELLULITE Reducing Workout | Exercise to Lose Thigh…

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  1. Love Sweat Fitness says:

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  2. Jennifer Perez Medina says:

    doing this for fun because quarantine is boring lmao. iโ€™ll edit this when iโ€™m finished with the first day!

  3. ally jones says:

    I've been eating o much junk food and being to lazy in quarantine

  4. Sarah says:

    Can confirm. 132 lb f., skinny / fairly fit all my life and I totally have cellulite my friend! On my underboob, thighs, calves, tummy, booty, probably places I can see.. lol you really are not alone pls donโ€™t feel ugly ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Trisha Gonzales says:

    Can I do the side squeezes without weight? This cellulite workout is amazing!

  6. Ulrike Kastler says:

    Love the workout and thanx for the confident boost

  7. Rehana Lakhani says:

    Mam I'm your new subscriber

  8. Rehana Lakhani says:

    Mam plss make video on dip hip

  9. Amira El-Kady says:

    so I will start doing this workout today and will update after two weeks with workout results !

  10. sophie G says:

    How much is the weight?

  11. william D.salinas says:

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  12. Bright Vibes says:

    I'm about to do this in 2020 like to remind me for updates

    Edit 1: don't worry y'all, I didn't forget about doing it and I didn't give up. I can't start this at the moment because (read the comments)

  13. Information Technology says:

    Any Small Youtuber like me in here – looking for support – let's help each other

  14. KingM says:

    Oh my God you're talking so much, just shut the f up, and show us the exercise.

  15. Asoom says:

    Can i reduce my bum size by doing this?

  16. Adriana Romero says:

    What arr the reps for each move

  17. Natalia Fernandez says:

    Does anyone know about how many calories are burned doing this once? Just want to log it into my fitness app, thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Sveta S says:

    Awesome workout! Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

  19. bla bla says:

    Im doing it with crying

  20. Alex Boccolucci says:

    You all know that you CANNOT target fat loss in certain areas. Your body will lose fat where it wants to lose fat.

  21. Rai Nad says:

    Hello i want to ask …how much months does it take to get in shape…with this work out….plz help

  22. ashley Augustine says:

    will this also help lose thigh fat? iโ€™m really self consious

  23. Esterbay15 says:

    why do i have cellulite under my thighs but when i flex my thighs i have lots of muscle?

  24. jung's hoe says:

    im gon go try this ill give an update

  25. Paul Reinhard says:

    Why am I watching this at 1am? I am a man, don't have cellulite and should be working.