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7 High Protein Breakfast For Weight Loss

7 High Protein Breakfast For Weight Loss

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  1. TessaVlogs 87 says:

    These all look so good but I dont like much of the ingredients and I dont have the money to buy them if i did then i would force myself to eat them

  2. Shrein Darzie says:

    I want that green omelette 😍

  3. Mysterio says:

    There is this girl, and I want to get in shape for her. I will keep her name anonymous and mine as well in case she reads this comment, and if you are reading this comment girl, wassup. 😍

  4. Luke comfort-cohen says:

    This Video is sooooooo well done

  5. Rishabh Singh says:

    Aint nobody got time for that in morning

  6. Lee G says:

    Almost zero seasoning in any of that. Veggies have a lot of water content, so I bet it tastes like….nothing.

  7. Maria Da Silva says:

    Qué delicias

  8. Maria Da Silva says:

    Que sabrosos me gustó mucho😋😋

  9. I want be a designer UK says:

    Ok the omlette looks so sad also it has around 300 calories in it but very healthy and it will last you for a good 5 hours

  10. em ily says:

    Is there something I can use instead of cottage cream?

  11. Kiranjot Kaur says:

    Please share some eggless recipes.

  12. zobola67 says:

    Can you show the diabetic friendly versions? None of these are

  13. Kristina Rei says:

    The eggyolk contains more protein than the eggwhite 😅😅😅😅😅

  14. valerie short says:

    I want to be healthy but its hard to afford especially if you dont know really what to eat /some foods go bad after a couple days

  15. Ethan Parker says:

    Yes eat these you’ll loose weight. But don’t worry though you’ll never have to do exercise again.

  16. Mad Cat says:

    There is no food for weight loss their's just exercise and movement to stay fit.

  17. karina rodriguez says:

    Where can I get a pan like that my pan always gets stuck to my omelette:(

  18. Abby M says:

    What a waste of yolks! And that nasty green omelette with the goat cheese looked so appetizing…NOT! 🤢

  19. ThatOneDude says:

    Liked the recipes as well as the editing and music. Looking forward to those pancakes

  20. Grim Coldzz says:

    Is this keto friendly?? Lol I’m dumb

  21. Kiran Media says:

    8:12 – just a tip to not waste so much of the strawberry:
    Just poke a hole through it with a straw, so only the "bad part" gets off…

    Otherwise nice video and ideas! Thanks!

  22. veritaseverett says:

    i can't watch you cut stuff up mate.

  23. Apple Juice says:

    Ok, am i the only one who doesn't have most of the ingredients in this video?

  24. lilly roon says:

    I got late 30 min for school

  25. F A Hossaini says:

    Please show more of the cooking instead of the cutting and peeling

  26. Rupinder K says:

    I don't even have time to eat them in the morning, forget about making them. Lol. But i wish i can eat/ make all this healthy food i watch videos about :/

  27. Zombee06 Fortnite says:

    7 Protein Breakfasts but you need protein powder to get the proteins.

  28. Ak says:

    your Awesome keep it up. Keep coming up with high protein meals pls.

  29. محمد الادلبي says:

    Boiling Eggs is better for weight loos and it’s can help you to lose weight a lot but without bread

  30. i am iron man says:

    the first one looks like my every day lunch

  31. Masoud Sidiqi says:

    Can u please tell me the background song name

  32. K1ROX says:

    Its not that high in protein and its a waste of time and i just dont like any of it lmao

  33. Biggi Nguyen says:

    can i use something else instead vanilla protein powder?

  34. I Gill says:

    Good good good

  35. Ash Daddy says:

    Who has onion for breakfast your breath would STINK

  36. elaf 2.1.1 says:

    who eats onion for breakfast!!!!