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6 Pack Abs Workout | 3 Weeks Challenge

6 Pack Abs Workout | 3 Weeks Challenge

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  1. Amber Richardson says:

    That was kicking my ass Chloe! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Sophia Salas says:

    Hello soy de Latinoamérica y no hablo en español.
    Este ejercicio funciona, en el sentido de que a las dis semanas vas a tener el abdomen plano? Y funciona más si como bien?
    Porfis responde 🙃❤

  3. Kausiki Mishra says:

    Is anyone else afraid of dropping their dumbbell on their face while doing lying down exercises?

  4. luwana dyer says:

    Great workout Chloe
    I am a 13 year old girl and I really want a body like yours my body define by itself as I get older or will i always have this belly pooch I still have three or four more years of puberty left Chloe it would mean the world to me if you responded I love you so much ( as a friend of course)😊😝

  5. Bethany Vicario says:

    So I’ve been doing this video with a few others to total 30-40 minutes a day. I’ll do abs+butt or abs+arms and just alternate. My goal is to do this for 2 weeks. I’m on day 4, and honestly, the more I do it, the easier the moves get. And I’ve already lost 1.5lbs.

  6. sunkissed music says:

    posting my progress 🙂
    day 1: waist: 28.5 inches/ lower belly: 31 inches/ hips: 34 inches/ bum: 39 inches
    not gonna lie, this was hard ! iwas sweating soooo much and my arms,legs and abs were BURNING ! lol gonna post tomorrow to keep you lovely people updated <3

  7. Camila Zamora says:

    Just watching to see how hard is going to be this workout lol

  8. Marypaz Jauregui says:

    I can't see from episode 3 to 4 even do the date already passed, is it just me?

  9. Shreejata Das says:

    I kept switching my dumbbells after every exercise because I don't want one of them to feel "left out"

  10. Essie R says:

    Be cautious of ab exercises that use weights. They can make your abs pop up more but they can also make the waist bulky. If that's not what you want I recommend you stick with the low impact versions of this workout.

  11. Geheim says:

    I really Miss your Workouts 😊 I’m 26 Weeks pregnant now and just can do some special exercises. But I‘m watching your videos anyway 😀

  12. Aliyah Alcala says:

    Every time she says in and outs, I think of in and out and their burgers 💀💀💀💀

  13. NateyBoi says:

    Ok time to wOrKoUt!!!!! 🏃🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🥇

    I am using an full sparkling ice bottle instead of weights because I don’t have any.

    Day 1: it was easier then I expected. I did another two week challenge so I am getting used to this. Still, I need to work on my form a little better. So there is still much room for improvement!
    Day 2:

  14. adrianamichelle.x says:

    guys DON’T do this everyday! If you want a small waist and abs do this 2x a week. Most of these exercises are oblique exercise, so doing them everyday will make you have a boxy waist:) Im going to do this with the 21 day small waist challenge (by Vicky Justiz) to get a small waist and abs and I’ll be back in 3-4 weeks😼

  15. Nowroze Chowdhury says:

    Quick question: is this gonna help burn my lower belly fat?

  16. Zuzanna _Gumna says:

    yass, did it, moving to nextXx

  17. Carly Ogilvie says:

    Does anyone else give themselves a little victory dance at the end of each workout like how Chloe does 😂🤚

  18. Sea says:

    this is what she has been training us for

  19. Sumaiyah Siddique says:

    What weight does Chloe use??

  20. Meredith G says:

    this is the first time my abs have actually been extremely sore the next day, I'm so happy!

  21. Ferchi Valentin says:

    So I do this same vid/ for 15 days .?!

  22. elizabeth v. says:

    does anyone have any tips for how to keep my neck from getting sore during these?? Im looking up and trying to not crunch my neck up but it still gets so sore after a while… (ps. thank you Chloe! xx)

  23. Jasmin says:

    This is by far one of my favourite core workouts so far I love it omg!!! ❤️🔥💪

  24. Giselle DeGuzman says:

    how do you connect to your discord group??

  25. irishlizzie says:

    So happy to have a workout I love for dumbells!! Thanks, Chloe, day 2 down and I'm very excited for the next 19 days!

  26. Akerke Temirkulova says:

    I have one big pack.

  27. trudy Jay says:

    These exercises are clearly not meant for obese even over weight people… sad but true

  28. fida rasheed says:

    how heavy are the dumbbells?

  29. Kiki says:

    updating everydayyyy like so i remember also the day i posted this comment was day 6
    i'm 13 and 5'3, pretty average for my age group i think. i don't have a flat stomach and i want to have 11 line abs and i actually like this workout so im doing this one everyday 😂
    day 1: it's really hard, i can't do the plank reaches AT ALL or the plank drag and plank reach :((
    day 2: i can't really tell if its easier
    day 3: i think it's easier, i'm starting to be able to do the plank reach so i'm really happy
    day 4: i am better at plank reach, i can't get through plank and drag and definitely can't do plank and front raise :((
    day 5: i can finally almost do the plank reach! i'm able to engage my core and abs better
    day 6: i think i can do the plank reach, the second one is always harder idk why. i've substituted the plank and front raise to just do plank dips, doing the plank drag the the plank front raise puts a lot of strain on my arms and plank dips make your waist smaller so i think it's a win win 😂 my arms are definitely a lot stronger and so is my core, i also think my waist is getting smaller and i'm pretty sure i can see lines 😳 i'm so excited to keep going

  30. aleen qawareet says:

    My legs are shaking and feels like jello😭

  31. Zoe says:

    Day 1) it was hard and I felt myself wanting to give up at the end but I didn’t. I did the low impact no weights today. I need to keep pushing!!

  32. Ash Depp says:

    Number of likes this comment gets = Number of days I'd workout
    I'm sorry, I just need motivation 👉👈

  33. Sofi 29 says:

    Plank & drag? The only thing that I'm dragging is rest time oof

  34. Mephinlinda Sylliang says:

    The workout is good👍 is there anybody like me who's watching and think of doing this while you're in bed?🤣🤣

  35. Merrie Faller says:

    does this work like the abs in 2 weeks challenge video?

  36. Sadia Begum says:

    how does one not strain their neck? ok my form must be incorrect how do I fix it 😩

  37. Stefania G says:

    What I like about chloe is that she aknowledges the fact that we all need cheat days, we all like sugary or super salty snacks, we all get bloated. She even posts "before" pictures of herself on her Instagram account to show us what she's going through with her health. She generally isn't one of those influencers who only show their perfect side and make the rest of us feel bad for ourselves. She is real. Keep up the good work Chloe! I appreciate you <3

  38. Smruti Jagdale says:

    My knees pain after doing exercises like plank tap or mountain climbers. Is it due to the pressure that comes on my knees bcz of lack of sports shoes ??? Someone please reply

  39. Smruti Jagdale says:

    How do you keep your back flat while doing the leg drop ??

  40. Radha P says:

    hi chloe i love your workouts they are so good! i just wanted to know what music tracks you use? would be great if you could tell me! ❤️

  41. Joanna Chervenka says:

    I'm hoping to do this twice a day with her do this everyday video

  42. Joanna Chervenka says:

    This is my favorite ab

  43. Lily Ktsb says:

    That was great chloe, I'm thankful for your vids, 😁