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5 Types Of Tummies And How To Get Rid Of Them

5 Types Of Tummies And How To Get Rid Of Them

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  1. Bestie says:

    What did you think of our analysis of belly fat? Did you learn something that you could apply to your workout routine? How about you guys, do you think we might've missed something important? Tell us in the comments section below where we may have messed up! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

  2. Shamama Parween says:

    Wow great…. 👍

  3. Alissa Gonzales says:

    i have hormonal belly fat (just now realizing) due to my BC i have lost a good amount of weight working our but the stubborn fat is still there . so have to focus on that

  4. nott_ foodlover says:

    Okay so this is what I do…
    I do 50 pushups and when I finisj I play my video game for a while then do 50 pushups! And then the result… 100 pushups a day!

  5. Monnik R Dinh says:

    I have all the tummies fat type. Gonna go hit the gym tomorrow and do cardio workout and weight train. Can’t wait to see my transformation next month!

  6. erica early says:

    Everything he said about pregnant belly and having kids was so true.

  7. Kat Marie says:

    Omg too slow!

  8. MIRIAM SIMONS says:

    Mate milk so good though like wtf no way

  9. Phindy Chrissy says:

    Ooh yah I have post pregnancy belly thank you for sharing… SouthAfrica

  10. chocolate* says:

    I have an I'm always stressed belly

  11. Tracy Nelson says:

    I have menopause belly

  12. Hello Bye says:

    I have stress belly… I guess I have too much while laying on my bed and watching YouTube 😂

  13. Hello Bye says:

    I’m watching this video while eating ice cream 😂

  14. Jonette Beckman says:

    I have read several articles from prestigious well known nutritionist, and regular folk that fortunately stumbled on this wonderful piece of information, add more raw vegetables to your diet and no need to go into why, that’s pretty much general knowledge, but there is one vegetable if eaten daily, raw, it cuts your cortisol levels by 40%! That vegetable is a red pepper. Gut it, clean and chop it up, store in whatever you have on hand, I use a baggy, and often as possible put your money into good nutritious organic foods. When I have a desire for a snack. It’s already to go and wonderful, crunchy and sweet AND low on the glycemic index so DOSENT raise your blood sugar levels. I have been doing this pretty regularly for about a year. Not only has my belly gone down but I’m not stressed out all the time. There’s something about doing things that are good for yourself that produces a chain reaction, you will be aware of what you put in your mouth, remember the saying, you are what you eat? That couldn’t be more true,you don’t have to look far to see the results of poor quality, food intake, and one bad choice leading to more! When I took on the challenge of a red raw pepper a day for a month, I didn’t realize so many other good choices would follow, I’m drinking more water, cut out candy and ice cream, nothing tastes as good as heathy and looking good feels! So stock up on some red organic peppers and watch the chain reaction and of course the inches melting away!

  15. Who doesn't love chocolate says:

    I can't grab my belly I only grab a tiny inch I have a bloated belly it's not going away!!!

  16. hippo from space says:

    I have melting icecream i think…

  17. mrassperv says:

    4:24 ding

  18. ƒαiτн ƒєrri says:

    but the woman at 0:31 had NOTHING???

  19. Jaclyn Brownie says:

    Just so u know guys that exercising only makes u strong it’s the diet that makes u get rid of fat know some exercises do but it’s the diet like I know some people who are fat and they can still do a bunch or pull ups

  20. Annie Ventures Vlog says:


  21. Hailey Butler says:

    Me drinking water*
    Video: and even types of cancer
    Me chokes on water

  22. Jerry Harris, Sr. says:

    There's another "plank" exercise I'm. starting I affectionately call the "push-up plank" where you start on your stomach, go to plank, and on up to push-up position for 3 sets of 10 reps or as many as you can in 1-minute. I'll count to see how many I can do in 1-minute next time.

  23. Soul Disturbed 16 says:

    Belly Massages. It chinese techniques.

  24. Soul Disturbed 16 says:

    Chakra Blockage.

  25. Myra Beale says:

    Can this happen to kids

  26. SonicAimblu 19 says:

    Im stress belly

  27. chloe b says:

    in conclusion of this video i have a cancerous belly 😂

  28. kiki Fanson says:

    I'm flat with a silent l😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  29. saltine saltsin says:

    people are just like lose weight im just like nah i just love myself too much plus my doctor said im healthy:3

  30. blue soul says:

    I am sleep deprived but I have a pretty small appetite

  31. blue soul says:

    Wait so is the hormonal belly the one teenagers can get during puberty???? Please reply

  32. The Black Fedora says:

    Or just get a gut sucker..

  33. Allyssa John says:

    Is it possible to have a combination belly like seriously

  34. Moon Patience Ongara says:

    This is great, thanks. Starting tomorrow

  35. Vijaya Sornum says:

    We 7

  36. Lirpa stuff says:

    When he said cancer I was like: sayyyy watttt?

  37. JingShenKuoshu says:

    Great video, but crunches are not a good way to loose belly fat. Plus the 1st crunches in the video are hip flexor more than abs. Recommend boxing, Kickboxing etc. things that move your upper and lower body separately, but at the same time require balance or additional movement. This is the fastest way. Spot training your abs doesn’t work.

  38. kellywalter10 says:

    I’m not fat but I’m not skiny ether