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5 Best Foods To Eat For FASTEST Weight Loss

5 Best Foods To Eat For FASTEST Weight Loss

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  1. Bill Prell says:

    Love soups… make vege packed soups esp in Winter..

  2. Carole Batten says:

    I have a question. I'm 56 yrs old and going through menopause and looking for things that will help me burn the fat? Will these help me? I can't eat the potatoes because of some health issues I'm having. Please help. I know I need to start slow in my exercises also since it's been awhile since I've worked out. Thank you and I hope to hear from you. Stay blessed.

  3. Canadian Patriot55 says:

    Love it all! Lost my way and needed reminding and motivation! I need groceries tomorrow so will be PLANNING a list! Avocados are another fave of mine! Or apples and peanut/almond butters snack. 🙏

  4. Yeontroversial says:

    I already started eating eggs and potatos 1 month ago…. so I feel accomplished lol. I will start to incorporate the rest of the foods.

  5. Daniel Dawoud says:

    I hate you I really do. I hate seeing your ads

  6. Shivareddy Chegireddy says:

    Ok let me try for month can u plz give me the link to reduce belly fat exercises I have no gym in Kickdown

  7. Dennis O'Connor says:

    Most sensible dieting advice I've heard. Great stuff!!

  8. Pluniverse - Epic says:

    is he a scam artist ?

  9. beetelish says:

    Thanks I’m gonna use chia seeds.

  10. sargon chicago says:

    Vince I'm 430 pounds and 50 years old. Diabetic and few other issues. Do you recommend your product test boost for my size?thanks man.

  11. Jess Lucas says:

    Fking love eggs tho

  12. foxxie jester says:

    How many pills, spices, and diets is this guy on. My man take like 6 pills daily and 10 spices while eating whatever he wants. While doing exercises. My man is on so many ads.

  13. Alyssa Mai says:

    Ya know the ad I saw for this said that this was supposed to be an easy diet to help build muscle mass but the video says that it’s solely for loosing weight and I’m sorry but I’ve been 125lbs since jr high so don’t need to lose weight I just need a way to tone down my belly fat with a diet that works with my life…. and yes I exercise daily but still don’t see any results

  14. knunne1 says:

    I am going to try them all as I a lot of weight to lose and I enjoy eggs, potatoes plain (don't judge me), soups and something new to me chia seeds. I need to look for those.

  15. AlisonBond007 says:

    I’m going to try chia seeds and soup. Thanks foe the tips!

  16. Grace Smith says:

    All of them

  17. April Kyles says:

    What do chia seeds taste like?

  18. April Kyles says:

    How much white potatoes can you eat in a day?

  19. Edward Wansing says:

    Love eggs. I eat 2 every morning with a piece of 22 grains and seeds toast and a glass of milk. Should I skip the toast?

  20. Elastic Waistband says:

    I'm so happy potatoes are on this list

  21. Maya’s World says:

    I can’t eat eggs is there a alternative to eggs

  22. Shara Myers says:

    I’m not a huge fan of white potatoes, but I’m crazy about sweet potatoes. I like to take 1/2 of a baked sweet potato and drizzle it with coconut oil and a sprinkle of salt. So good!

  23. William Justice says:

    I am going to try the soup and potatoes and eat more vegetables I never heard of the seeds he was referring to

  24. Tristan Miller says:

    I’ll cut potatoes in half and boil them and just keep them in the bowl in the fridge and when I need the carbs I’ll grab one and eat it like a burger. 😂

  25. Jeffrey Pennington says:

    Ok I have just a weird question.. I understand that eggs have the most protein but as a person that is allergic to eggs and has to monitor egg intake per week. So how is a person like me going to do any programs that have more than my egg intake in a week to do any of this programs that you need to eat eggs every morning?

  26. Ed Sheehan says:

    I started using chia seeds in my smoothies and definitely feel fuller. WhT i love anout V Shred is that he goes into detail and explains it rather than juzt says eat it like a lot of other people.

  27. Shadow_Freaks says:

    I’m trying to diet myself because I want to loose the few layers of fat that are on my stomach. What I want to do is for four weeks (one month) I will workout everyday, drink nothing but water (sometimes milk for the other things) and eat only three meals a day with no snacks. My only question is… am I ok to just eat those five things, meaning can I function normally by only eating vegetables, eggs, potatoes, chia seeds and soup? Please answer…

  28. First Last says:

    I eat eggs n potatoes already but will try to eat in moderation gna starteating more soup n veggies i eat broccoli mainly thanks 👍🏽

  29. The Arachnids Cave says:

    I am a diabetes educator. I watched the 5 foods video. I would support all this advice. It's the same advice I give my patients. Potatoes also have a surprising amount of vitamin C!

  30. MinnieTyko says:

    Also love soup. I make a good ground turkey chili 💪

  31. MinnieTyko says:

    Sweet potatoes! Complex carbohydrate! Plus they give me a ton of energy.

  32. Rachel Raulerson says:

    Dang, I like this guy! Smart, easy, straight to the point, no BS diet info! Only way to go…

  33. S Shakir says:

    I just like to say your very good looking 🤪

  34. Andrea Espinoza says:

    How can u include chia seeds in a diet

  35. Kirk Renshaw says:

    What's the best way to prepare the potatoes 🤔

  36. Darrin Merlino says:

    how many eggs and how many potatos can i eat?

  37. Emily Serlis says:

    I've never tried chia seeds. I'm might have to start. I have started a V Shred plan. I really can't wait to see results.