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4 Healthy Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss

4 Healthy Dinner Ideas For Weight Loss

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  1. Regine S says:

    what kind of tomato sauce are you using that is it healthy? when I buy ready to cook tomato sauce you can't tell what's in it

  2. Fathima Nasreen says:

    Is there one for weight gain

  3. bindiya jogi says:

    What about parmesan cheese is it healthy?

  4. عش كعابر سبيل says:

    Delicious recipe thank you

  5. Gulshan Hameed says:

    Putting mozzarella in health food is just stupid u can put cottage cheese instead other than that it's wonderful u r very creative

  6. Salsabeel Mohsen Aly says:

    I am definitely going to try that cauliflower pizza 😍

  7. iqra butt says:

    Cant buy the coloured bell paper in our country cost $20 for 3 bell paper.

  8. Ranisha Merian says:

    What is the meaning of Quinoa

  9. Alade Dotun says:

    love the songs
    💋💋need the names 😭😭😭
    please 😀

  10. NisaCookbook says:

    very nice recipe dear

  11. B Locke says:

    Tomato sauce contains lots of sugars. Rice & pasta are not healthy. High in carbs

  12. Mrs Wasim says:


  13. Ghost Mental says:

    Thanks very helpful my weight so much

  14. Mohamed Hasheem says:

    Thanks for you on these wonderful delicious recipes

  15. Maghribia assila says:

    Merci si possible de traduire en français. Thanks so match

  16. my self says:

    correct me if I'm wrong with the bell peppers I thought you can also use ground beef

  17. my self says:

    damn those a lot dishes to wash lol nice to see but reality hard work to perform 😁 I can do it!

  18. Hafidha Benzarty says:

    if the amount of calories is 330 and the calories from fat is 110 that's mean the whole amount per serving is 440 calories ?

  19. Adagoldtv says:

    you are good. I just subscribed dear

  20. breakfast recipes says:


  21. Judith Dew says:

    I must say this you never run out of ideas,you're crazily imaginative,and not only that,but for those who would want to shed some pounds too.keep it up dear.

  22. Malk Asif says:

    ground turky what

  23. Malk Asif says:


  24. ابنة أندلس says:

    شكرا على هده الوصفات المميز كل النجاح والتالق👏

  25. Poonam smart kitchen says:

    Very nice

  26. 360 Degree Videos says:

    Very nice receipes. Thank you

  27. Preeti Manhas says:

    Amazing 👍👍

  28. mr btob make me smile says:

    Wow your knife skill 👏

  29. RaihanHasan Piash says:


  30. Farah Husnain says:

    This channel is amazing! Thank you sir for giving me great ideas for my weight loss diet! I'm a new mom and majority of your recipes seem easy and quick to make whilst managing a baby. Subscribed!

  31. Malika Kherroubi says:

    You're the best

  32. shagufta Memon says:

    I love cooking n ur Recipes r Amazing, yummmmmmm 😋 thanks for Sharing🤗m ur new subscriber 😘

  33. James Rex says:


  34. M Adil says:

    Great work👍
    Keep it up

  35. Salman Khan says:

    good chaf MASH allah

  36. Ms Kimlo says:

    All the meals looked amazing. I will be trying them all. My husband took a glanced before leaving for work and said he really wants me to try these for his lunch for sure.