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30 Minute Stepper Workout for Weight Loss – Beginner Stepper…

30 Minute Stepper Workout for Weight Loss – Beginner Stepper…

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  1. Amel Sami says:

    Wonderful ive never sweated so much in home exercise!!

  2. Mitzi Young says:

    Now this is beginner! Yay!!!! Ty!

  3. sibusiso sithole says:

    I am a beginner. Thanks for those wonderful moves, exercising made fun

  4. Dalek Supreme says:

    Step ballet, I like it

  5. Tina Secerbegovic says:

    This was really fun to follow!!! Thank you Marischa!

  6. Tena Storgaard says:

    Enjoyed this workout! Love step workouts, I feel they are great for my legs!

  7. Fiona Wharton says:

    have slowly progressed from 10 min beginners to 20 min beginners and now this one. Am really enjoying keeping busy during our forced isolation and these workouts are keeping me sane. I intend to do them twice a day to ensure I keep fit as well as keeping the weight down. Thanks

  8. gail6844 says:

    Exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you!

  9. Kirsty Whittaker says:

    This was great. I thought it may be 3 X 10 mins so got very excited when it was a cool down after 2 X!

  10. Shewit Ghebrehiwet says:

    Thank you ❤

  11. imFakhra says:

    Great compo of exercises, always loving it on step. Thanks a lot 🙏

  12. caleycupcakes says:

    This was a great one! Had a nice mix of exercises I’ve done before and some I’ve never tried!! Definitely got me sweaty

  13. tina mccartney says:


  14. Lacey Powell says:

    Can't wait to do this one! Thank you

  15. GodsChild says:


  16. Debbie says:

    Love step – so good for balance and coordination. I enjoyed the dead lift with the step knee move; it was something I had to think about for a second! Thanks as always!

  17. Rebecca Kirk says:

    Thanks for sharing. I hoped for another beginner stepper exercise at home. I will do it tomorrow.

  18. Maria V says:


  19. Michael says:

    This was really fun. Thank you for sharing your workouts

  20. Laura Del Col Brown says:

    Lots of fun, thanks Marischa!