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30 Minute Abs Workout – Intense Core Workout with Warm Up an…

30 Minute Abs Workout – Intense Core Workout with Warm Up an…

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  1. Noldy says:

    Did without weights.

    Workout complete 07.11.2018 – 4.54 AM #FBStrong

  2. A1t0x7 says:

    Really liked this workout, my core needs serious help so I felt this was great workout for me.

  3. Vasko Stojkovski says:

    His reminders of breathing normally caught my stressful breathing off guard every single time 🙂

  4. David Couch says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this workout. I've been looking for a 30mn workout to strengthen my core on my XT days!

  5. Revgirl4214 says:


    Daniel: “Feel free to drop down onto your elbow…”

    Me face-down on my mat: “Interesting.”

  6. Paul Hintz says:

    I am jealous of your loose hamstrings. You should do a work out for men with tight hamstrings.

  7. Logan Bookstaff says:

    If I do this exercise every other day am I neglecting any muscle groups? My goal is to have a routine that I complete multiple times throughout the week for the foreseeable future. If I do this routine 4 times a week for months or years, will that be a problem? My biggest worry is I will look unproportional. I may sound ignorant in this comment and that is because I am, I have no prior experience with working out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Nhat Linh Vu says:

    I'm having herniated disc and this work out really helps me to strengthen my core which is a very good thing for my condition, thank you!!! Great great stretching too!!!

  9. Emma Orgill says:

    Did this after upper body workout and that T plank my arms were shaking so hard I fell from the jerk

  10. eli more says:

    Starting this today ill tell results after a week or 2

  11. Aadhiswaran shanmugam says:

    Intense workout. This is the best ever workout programs in Youtube

  12. Lonely Potato Sack says:

    Abs Round 2 Day 2 complete! I loved every second of this workout and it took off all the stress from high school off me. Thanks FB 👋

  13. BR1X KombatKiean says:

    this really healped me thanks

  14. U n 0 r t h o d o x says:

    Thank you! I'm in love with your videos… Something very humbling about your teaching style and yet very intense!!

  15. NSI Skateboarding [Justin Lauria] says:

    Very well done video!!

  16. Clara Mello says:

    For now I still workout with mostly bodyweight only but one day i'm gonna be lifting as much as daniel and when that day comes i'm gonna be unstoppable. Thanks for the video as always, it was pretty fun and I was able to so some of the harder versions of some exercises sO I'M IMPROVING LADS!!!

  17. armlock bass says:

    at the start of the vid..I went to subscribe even tho I knew I already subscribed. .I blindly listen to you guys now…hah. great vid

  18. MySelfa1 says:

    Damn Daniel! 🙂

  19. Die unbekannten Zocker says:

    Wow, this is so hard and I feel so good. Thank you for making this.

  20. JeXe Phaze says:

    This put me out for 3 days lmao

  21. Falicia Young says:

    This will help me lose wait this get

  22. Falicia Young says:

    I feel good

  23. CDSERVICES says:

    Nice format for workout video. I subscribed:)

  24. loamda27 says:

    Loved it😍

  25. Kelly Gordon says:


  26. Logan Hall says:

    Still do this on the daily…awesome workout thanks giys

  27. Samantha Miller says:

    This was a great 30 min quick workout for people that dread doing abs

  28. Cha J. Saint says:

    I just can NOT do side planks..wrist and palm hurt too bad! Is there anything that can be done?

  29. AlexiaRay says:

    this was amazing thank you

  30. slowlife92 says:

    Please more like this for core! Great length and sweat fest

  31. Samreedhi Nath says:

    My abs are on 🔥🔥🔥 thanks guys for this awesome routine

  32. Yajaira hiciano says:

    This workout is complete , that's the best part at the end 🏋️‍♂️

  33. DarkShadowDark75 says:

    Great core workout!
    Thank you for the excellent videos you always bring!

  34. Kelsey Francis says:

    epic work out. loved these exercises.

  35. Emmahahah says:

    Great ab workout! I've done it twice this week!