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3 Low Calorie and Low Carb Lunch Recipes

3 Low Calorie and Low Carb Lunch Recipes

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  1. Armando Barajas says:

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  2. Catwomanmn says:

    These looked like things I would eat. Thanks.

  3. Tristy Price says:

    What is PB2 the stuff you was making salad dressing ?

  4. Vicki Xiong says:

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  6. Jamie Cee49 says:

    It almost looked like you had two right hands. Lol. Good video though. The turkey dish looked so good. I may have to try that one.

  7. Jasmine Liu says:

    But love the video!

  8. Jasmine Liu says:

    Is it just me that's bothered by YouTubers saying thee (like strong "e" in cases when it's supposed to be the? Like they say it almost everytime lol

  9. Victor White says:


  10. Annonymous says:

    Be careful when chopping, i was feeling worried for those fingers 😯☺

  11. David Stojadinovic says:

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  12. 6kidsand8cupsof coffee says:

    Pretty wonderful..consider googling cross contamination..just to be safe…I had a horrible case of food poisoning and now I'm paranoid..totally friendly thoughts you did a great job

  13. Annie1962 says:

    This is brilliant. Thank you Hint just break the lettuce as cutting it with a metal knife makes it go brown xx

  14. Annie1962 says:

    I call it zuchetti lol

  15. Stefanius Paralvicius says:

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  17. Aliyah Philips says:

    I tried the sweet potato and turkey it was amazing!!! And easy!! I added a dash of cinnamon to help the sweet potato’s!! Thanks girl keep up the good work!

  18. Aliyah Philips says:

    These recipes are amazing!! I am going to try them all especially the sweet potato and turkey!! Thanks for this video!

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  20. Barbara Arnold says:

    Just made the turkey & sweet potato dish and it is bomb!!!!

  21. Anja Rica says:

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  22. Brad S says:

    Thumbs up for the last recipe!

  23. Elrain Teo says:

    How many calories have in this recipe?

  24. Lalala Lilili says:

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  25. Bamboo the green gold says:

    nice receipi.. of beautiful girl

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