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20 Minute All-Level Abs | Total Core Workout for Women

20 Minute All-Level Abs | Total Core Workout for Women

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  1. FemFusion Fitness says:

    Welcome to this week's women's wellness/pelvic health video, where my friend Becca and I take you through a 20-minute ab workout! You can also catch Becca in "Foga for Every Body:" https://youtu.be/vit8okNiJjs Sending you love, FemTribe!

  2. Rula Abiantun says:

    Hi Bri, please do more of these workouts, really enjoyable πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘

  3. Lori Frankford says:

    Dr. Bri, thank you for another wonderful core strengthening workout! I am loving your channel. Many of your videos are perfect for me as I recover from a multiple disc spinal fusion!

  4. Susan Green says:

    This is the best! It’s the first time I’ve really β€œgot” the pelvic lift and abs in β€œfeel” It just clicked.
    Just goes to show that patience and perseverance work.
    Many thanks. X

  5. Just for Mother says:

    Hi Dr. Bri, I have a doubt, when zipping up I am not able to breathe properly. If I breathe my abdomen is become normal that is without zipping position. What I feel is correct?

  6. Sonia S. says:

    Femfusion Fitness, Can we do this if we had a full stomach hysterectomy ?,,,,, I am always afraid because even though it has been two years, sometimes it gets very swollen after simple exercise,,,but I want to do something to get rid of this belly.

  7. Emmanuelle says:

    Hello. Another fantastic workout with new moves. Love the variety of your routines. 😊

  8. nilaja whitaker says:

    This was a perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ Thursday morning practice 😘!!! πŸ™πŸΎ

  9. Ace Hardy says:


  10. pauline doyle says:

    Thanks, this is great. I've been wondering how to safely work my abs!!

  11. Sylvia Penner says:

    Another workout that will be on my favorites list! Perfect length, not too easy, & not too hard. TY πŸ™‚

  12. VanessaMarieCaron Author says:


  13. sonu dubey says:

    Can we do this if i have first degree uteus prolapse?

  14. Roshan Wright says:

    Really need this thx

  15. JOHNNY Walker says:

    You alway helping me out thank you so much.

  16. VERA says:

    Sorry, I do not understand the word abs, full translation is possible) I am Russian-speaking
    studying with you❀️

  17. Lise Montaigne says:

    Hi ! I have recently discovered your channel and it is wonderful. Thank you so much for your work (sorry for my english I am french). I have a question : in your video β€˜deep abs the hardest….’ of 10 minutes, when do we have to exhale then to inhale? I have already asked you this below the video but you did not answer. I love this exercice that is why I would like to do it properly.
    Thanks from France, Lise