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  1. ilanaa bee :3 says:

    we’re all waiting for that “I tried it” and results comment

  2. Krysuna says:

    I truly hate wall sits. All my friends choose wall sits over plank but i prefer plank. 😐

  3. aleah anne says:

    Great workout!! My legs hurt so bad! I wonder what it will be like to walk tomorrow lol. Wish me good luck ):)

  4. Evelyn Lopez says:

    Anyone’s legs feel shaky and sore the next day?😭😂

  5. emma kamins says:

    recently ive been getting really motivated to gain leg muscle. I wanted to start out with a simple routine that i can get into the habit of using. thanks 4 the extra push i needed!

  6. Maranda Russell says:

    for how long?

  7. Myrah Chavez says:

    Watching this vid while eating cookies 🍪

  8. Deepali Pote says:

    Will it reduce my butt and thigh fat

  9. Rizi Juanico says:


  10. Opri-Amira Grym says:

    Wow… harder than I thought… amazing and thank you.

  11. Meme Life says:

    Day 1: had to take breaks
    Day 2: had to take the day off because my legs were so sore
    Day 3: almost didn’t do it. Gave up multiple times and took 10 minute breaks before I forced myself to do each exercise.
    Day 4: I did it! Much easier this time even though it’s only been 4 days! Legs weren’t sore from yesterday either.

  12. Abigail Villa says:

    Just finish this and i'm dead ass sweating
    ima kms but tbanks qween ✨🌸

  13. alicia says:

    does anyone know if this works?

  14. Andreeatm H says:

    Omg my legs

  15. lil_Anna _ says:

    this helped me so much. I felt the burn!

  16. Golden Hawk 13 says:

    1:49 workout starts here! You’re welcome 🤗🤗

  17. Aaniyah Malik says:

    Im gonna try to do this and I’ll try and update as my as I can
    Day1- literally died on the second exercise but managed somehow to finish it

  18. El Chapo says:

    Does this work for dudes

  19. Diana Carmen Quiroz says:

    Loves the work out ! Was so tired the lunges at the end burdened !Thinking about posting results on insta , or let me k ow of u want

  20. Nap Shines says:

    Longest minutes 💀 I thought it was going to go fast

  21. wadi avila says:

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