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15 Minute Full Body Calorie Burn (SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE!)

15 Minute Full Body Calorie Burn (SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE!)

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  1. David Fournier says:

    Nicely done..I’m a fan and just subscribed!

  2. Gordon Tulloch says:

    Cool thanks

  3. Navers Kay says:

    If you want a little tip, when doing the high knees, follow the beat and do each step per beat. It definitely helps with rhythm, and get yourself going at a faster speed! You could also do it with the fourth exercise too, if you're agile enough.

  4. Alvin Jr Cagol says:


  5. Matte_matte_Chocolatte says:

    1:57 just a reset for me 🙂

  6. Tobias Thastum says:

    Hello i have tried this workout 2 times, but i cant do the bycykle 40 seconds. Im also overweight, but is it ok to do a different stomach exercise

  7. Steven Duque says:

    Hell yeah this work out is good especially now that we are in quarantine/lockdown. Gonna keep the blood flowing!

  8. Ashwanth DS says:

    Can we burn belly fat with this exercises??

  9. taj only says:


  10. Younes Kobrosli says:

    Idk why but during the workout my throat was on fire

  11. Serious Cook says:

    Beautiful man and very honest video.

  12. Zombie Anims wannabe -_- says:

    15 minute full body fat burn
    Video: is eight minutes long

  13. Bruce Andrew Bajado says:

    How many times in a day this exercise is applicable?

  14. Erasmo Cardona says:

    How many caloríes do you loos pero day when you do this?

  15. Veronic Lee says:

    I've started this workout 2 days back
    I couldn't do all three rounds at first (barely even one)
    But today is my 3rd day and I did it.
    Just put your heart to it.
    I'll share my results when I succeed in this workout.
    Have a nice day everyone♥️

  16. Andrew Murphy says:

    Doing this for 30 days I’ll tell the results in the end

  17. shafeeq super says:

    Thank you

  18. Karina Ibanez says:

    Im just sitting down enjoying watching him do this! I even did 3 rounds!

  19. kevin contreras says:


  20. HabaneroTM Offical FF says:


  21. Okurrrtt! ! says:


  22. Vicente Pérez says:

    How Many calories will you burn with this training?

  23. Drugstore Queen says:

    I’m so tired after this

  24. xhustler says:


  25. WoF IsAmazing says:

    One recommendation: Give yourself a longer rest time….20 seconds isn’t enough…especially when you just begin the exercise

  26. Amanda Ray says:

    I just found your channel this weekend and love it! I will be doing this workout in the morning!

  27. aroofyy says:

    Are these good for skinny fat people above age 13

  28. aroofyy says:

    Are these good for skinny fat teens above age 13

  29. aroofyy says:

    Are these good for skinny fat people?

  30. Gaming7 Bro246 says:

    Can do this very routin every day and not harm my body in any way?

  31. Adam Andersom says:

    I havs a question: of i go to the gym and starts to this for 15 minutes and then goes and do other exercisers in the gym are the fat still burning from that 15 minute exercise in the beginning you showen me.

  32. Goku Ellsworth says:

    I lost a lot of weights after doing this for a month

  33. erik williams says:

    Thank you for taking the time to help us get to our goals…

  34. sachith wickramaarachchi says:

    What is this countdown app

  35. Yahia Khaled says:

    That looked easy and I am dead in my second round, shit. I'll try to go easy at first.