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15-min Crunchless Abs (safe for prolapse and diastasis recti…

15-min Crunchless Abs (safe for prolapse and diastasis recti…

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  1. FemFusion Fitness says:

    You might also like my Booty Glute Camp! Get a preview of it here — http://femfusionfitness.com/bgc (…Yep, it's safe for mild to moderate prolapse and diastasis recti!)

  2. Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr says:

    Thank you for explaining how to engage the core muscles so well, it was super clear. Love the fact there are no crunches here!

  3. Mary Theodorou says:

    What a great workout, I absolutely loved it!

  4. Pregnancy Pain Relief Lancaster says:

    Great group of exercises, will be using them for our postpartum patients!

  5. Lavanya Ck says:

    Hi.. I am 2 months PP.. (Normal delivery) Can I do this exercise routine? Pls let me know..

  6. Monica Supersonica says:

    Can i do the double leg lift if my belly is tenting? My back is flat on the floor but my belly is tenting still.

  7. Sheeka Porwal says:

    Hi thanks for thr vid tutorial can u let me kno if these excersise will help for ines with 2 normal and 2 C-section… aits been 13 yrs for my first child and 6 yrs for my 3rd one. ?? Will tgis bring back my core muscles in place. But then how about that saggy bulge prouding out of my pants how do I help my fat and loose skin on that core .. please suggest..thank you.

  8. Joy Odu says:

    How many times a week can this be done

  9. leigh johnson says:

    Is it ok to still do hiit workouts as long as I avoid any of the exercises that are a no no for DR?

  10. Jamie Armstrong says:

    Reverse crunches are just as bad as regular crunches for diactis Recti

  11. Michelle J says:

    This was surprisingly extremely difficult!! After having baby’s 3 a year ago I asked my midwife if I had distasis recto and she said no. But I feel like my stomach pokes out a lot and it’s hard to keep it pulled in. This burned my muscles, in a good way, and worked out my back too! I didn’t expect it to be so helpful. I’ll keep doing this several times a week thank you!

  12. SNA SLM says:

    Is jumping hacks r safe for D.Recti? Pls reply

  13. Jojopie says:

    Thank you so much for this, all the other safe workout videos I tried felt like nothing was being targeted.

  14. Candace Burghardt says:

    Thank you! This is great and your son is adorable!

  15. Karen Cooper says:

    Hi! Recently I read a case study regarding healing diastasis recti during pregnancy. I’m in my second trimester and was wondering if is it safe to do these exercises while pregnant. Thanks!

  16. Fahmidah Aamir says:

    Is this video safe for uterus prolapse and rectal?????

  17. shadab khan says:

    Very helpful, good intention and with honesty, this excercise has been explained by Doctor. She really demonstrated it very well that you can hardly find out such excercises magnanimously on YouTube.

  18. liliesandbuttercups says:

    This was the first video I ever did if yours that got me hooked on your channel. It was fun to revisit it. It is a good one!

  19. Julie Carter says:

    Gee, I thought all 'tabletop' type movements with both legs in the air and using abs to lift the legs were no good for people with pelvic floor weakness! Some of the 'experts' in pelvic exercise say so, so not sure what to do! These positions are supposed to put a strain on the pelvic floor and weaken it. Is this true? I would love to do these moves to firm up my abs but I'm concerned about PF weakness…

  20. Mark Ioffe says:

    Is it safe for diastasis recti and umbilical hernia?

  21. PATTY GONDRON says:

    This was amazing, thank you for speaking slowly and moving slowly so I could keep up and really focus on the core muscles. 🙂

  22. steph says:

    I'm really glad I found your channel. I recently found out that I have a prolapsed bladder ( 33 haven't had kids) so it was quite a shock to learn. I've been trying to find safe exercises to tone(alot) my stomach and hips. I've been scouring the internet for safe stomach exercises so your channel has helped greatly, thank you.

  23. Kyle Marie says:

    Hello! I have hypertonic pelvic floor muscles. Any movements I should modify/things to keep in mind while doing these exercises? Did have a small spasm after finishing the routine, but I imagine with tweaks I could avoid that again. Thanks so much for your content! It's extremely helpful.

  24. Jacquie Wiesner says:

    Hands down the best diastasis workout I've done!