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14 Days Zumba Workout challenge to Reduce Hip Size| Lose 5 K…

14 Days Zumba Workout challenge to Reduce Hip Size| Lose 5 K…

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  1. The Glow Girl Tales says:

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  2. Mangla Gharu says:

    Vedio to kam se kam let mat banyaa karo 2:56 min pe start karte ho ..net ferr thodi h

  3. Niharika Patnaik says:


  4. vino thini says:

    Any time can we do this na??

  5. Ambattur 360 says:

    Hey I need personal zumba Instructor training

  6. Sidh Mirza says:

    Sister plz tell me something for breast size reduse..

  7. Mastan valli Shaik says:

    Really very very nice I like it

  8. suma latha says:

    Akka me exercise ala undhi ante look like dance steps

  9. Satya Pandey says:

    How much calories does its burn

  10. Hania Tahir says:

    Plzz make video for depprision or stress to take out, give us more best tips to lose weight easily,tell me which u use instagram or messenger

  11. Fayida Naseer says:

    Pls help me .90 weight after delivery.give zumba steps to reduce whole body fat.my target 60kg.reply pls

  12. saima farooq says:

    Amazing superb

  13. Priyanka shrivastava says:

    Now ur videos became my cardio.. thanks 🤗😘

  14. Jaya J says:

    I want to reduce lower body fat. Will zumbha help?

  15. Sushma Prasad says:

    Before 5 months I feéding my baby my problome is saging my brust plz suggest me what I do

  16. kirupa Suganya says:

    nalla dance aadringa……🤣🤣🤣

  17. Pragati Garg says:

    Let's take this challenge
    Coming back after 14 days🤘😎

  18. cool cool says:

    Di I want exercise for my private part of body I have fat on there please please

  19. Alliyan1234 Alliyan5678 says:

    hips or belly

  20. Ruby Khan says:

    Nice video

  21. Sam Gaikwad says:

    Din me 10 times karna h ya steps 10 times karni h plz reply

  22. mamta kapoor says:


  23. priyansha Agrawal says:

    10 times in a day?

  24. Priya Singh says:

    Fees Kya hai apki trening ki

  25. Muthu Udayi says:

    Ur exercise really superb and easy

  26. Asha Shinde says:

    Sure will try this

  27. Xaawa ibrahim Yaxye says:

    Hhhhhh thanks

  28. Pranju Moon says:

    O back sound song ka plzz offf kiya karooo

  29. Sharmistha Sengupta says:

    Mam pls make a video for upper body…the bust area pls ma'am ☺️

  30. bhavna vashishtha says:

    Plz make a 35 mins zumba vdo for weight loss.

  31. Priya Sharma says:

    Belly fat

  32. Princess Jannat says:

    Komor ka size kece kamaye. Mera komor 47 size he me 35 kerna cahtihu plz sister ans me🙏

  33. Urvashi Soni75 says:

    Vdo start 3 min me kr rhi hoooo😡

  34. ELOM BEDZO says:

    U talk too much

  35. vijiabi v says:

    We do this evening tym

  36. Mahi Kumari says:

    Worcaud band kar dete he to fet vapis bad jata he

  37. Galaxy Naaz says:

    It's to fast plz demonstrated slowly one by one last 4 moves are so difficult plz again make vedio plz plz plz

  38. Pragya B KARAN says:

    Gonna try this…….. actually these are the steps I watch in every other Zumba video……
    Thanks …for making it this simple….
    It's amazing…

  39. Priyanka Ghosh says:

    Can u help me which plan to take..I have PCOS n thyroid

  40. Rubab Hayat says:


  41. mounika p says:

    which shoes do u use for zumba?

  42. Seema Kumari says:

    Very nice graceful exercise

  43. Ammajan Begum says:

    Hii I'm ur new subscriber
    I'll start from today
    Thank you so much

  44. Abdul Moeez says:

    Nice video meri tummy pay fat h us ki.koe.vide bnae

  45. baby doll says:

    Can we excercise evening instead of morning

  46. creative mind always says:

    How will reduce butt fat pls give tips