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10 Week Body Transformation | 5 Steps to Lose Fat

10 Week Body Transformation | 5 Steps to Lose Fat

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  1. Aseel Soueid says:

    Drop a like on this video if you want to see the final results on my 12 week body transformation! Also if you’re ready to discover how to transform your body in 12 short weeks, click here NOW: http://aseelsoueid.com/12week

  2. Ricardo Cotui says:

    Do you workout in a empty stomach?

  3. Tear Key says:

    First person i see that when he diets his face gets bigger

  4. Fahed Altermathy says:

    Solid video man, your physique looks fantastic💪💪🔥🔥

  5. GZA2014 says:

    How tall are you?

  6. Antonis Papadakis says:

    Song name 0:01?

  7. Cassandra Nelson says:

    that's good u losing weight my dad lost weight he is 210 now but his kidneys still not doing good either to comment back I want to what would u do if u had that.

  8. Andrés & The World says:

    Hello people!

    I have seen many people moved and wanting to lose weight in this video! Believe me it is possible! There is nothing more comforting than going hand in hand with your own mind on these issues. I tell them because my mom and my cousin lost almost too much too much weight, so I tell them that it is possible. It is curious that I watched this video just one day after they had told me about their experience losing weight, I think maybe I can contribute something, either motivation or knowledge help. Obviously, losing weight requires effort and discipline.

    If you want to know, you can leave me a comment to know if you are interested, and I ask my mother and my cousin how they did it and so on, they search a lot info in internet, but they do some things all the days, so for more info of course i will happy TO HELP YOU.

    Good luck! You can LOSE WEIGHT! Believe me!

  9. bede vinson says:

    Question! Your potions for food are Way to much for me I’ve tried it and just can consume that much in one sitting, what’s your advice.

  10. kerwin khoo says:

    Do you track macros for vegetables?

  11. David F says:

    Here's the thing you are not upfront about in this video – that before you lost all that fat and revealed your muscles, you spent a good amount of time BULKING! Why don't you address this?

  12. CAP C says:

    Lol you think your shirt collar could be any deeper bro

  13. St Maximum says:

    Take it a little easy with the flex 💪. Great job by the way.

  14. Brandon Goggins says:

    I’d rather look like your day 1

  15. Chris Gonzalez says:

    Love this guy only problem is that deep u tee shirt 😂

  16. shaheer shujaat says:

    Amazing body aseel well done 😊😊❤️❤️

  17. Paul Heyman says:

    Your face still looks pretty fat

  18. RedAngleYT Gaming says:

    You are so amazing bro you motivated me allot so I was 140kg now iam 95 hope me luck to go for more lose

  19. VIDYA UGALE says:

    can you do the michael phelps diet plan

  20. Kyle Renzo Reyes says:

    Bro whats all the music title?

  21. Surojit Pal says:

    What The Fuck happened wrong with your Face Fats in the Thumbnail, Science says fats get reduced from all over your body… And you failed to lose your fat from your face to achieve Jawline which again got hidden from your Aladdin type shape Beard… So this transformation lacking on Burning face fat… So not complete transformation I could say 91% out of 100%…

  22. Kivanc says:

    but your face is a chubby

  23. biggie smalls says:

    Hey aseel I have a quick question, During your 12 week body transformation did u have any cheat days during that 12 weeks? Or did u eat and stay clean for that whole 12 weeks? Please answer thanks 🙂

  24. Avishek Roy says:

    Hey man. Love your videos!
    I'm 5"6' and weigh 63kg.
    So I'm in the reducing phase.
    Lost about 10 kgs since I'm looking for an athletic physique.
    Hence, I'm doing a cutting diet;
    1. I'm doing cardio after weight training everyday.
    Will that make me lose my gains?
    (I feel I am)
    2. Also, I'm losing my strength despite of maintaining a strict diet. Will I get the strength back?
    Do I need to change my work out routine?
    And man.i didn't get the 40/30/30. 🙁

  25. Fardeen Khan says:

    shave ur armpits man. disgusting

  26. Souvik Banerjee says:

    I accept everything you said you work hard you did a great transformation . But you're not Natty you're taking insulin shots everyday

  27. Himjyoti Goswami says:

    To the point…the tried and tested five points

  28. Nicole Ras says:

    What rep range for women?

  29. Rawjer 0311 says:

    👏👏👏not bad 🤘😎🤘

  30. Bashar Mourad says:

    Do a meal plan for someone that works a day shift

  31. Kevz Hipz says:

    How many times do u take protein shake?

  32. Eddie Aguinaga says:

    Heavier looks better in my opinion.