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10 Minute Standing ABS WORKOUT // No Equipment

10 Minute Standing ABS WORKOUT // No Equipment

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  1. Sandra Erika says:

    More workouts like this, Heather! I love this kind of music. May I know the song title? Thanks

  2. Alpa Jain says:

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  3. Cindy Mcswain says:

    AWESOME! Been looking for a great ab workout. Thanks!

  4. Diana Mourad says:

    The music just makes me love the workout so much more!!!!!

  5. Thekonkanvegan says:

    Felt refreshed after this.

  6. Debbie Kunen says:

    Great program!

  7. Anne Shirley says:

    Has anyone done this for an extended period of time? Results?

  8. Josephine Ratliff says:

    Heather, i love your work outs and music.

  9. Bori En USA says:

    Loved it💕ty

  10. Mehur Rajput says:

    Hi I'm new subscriber and i love this workout

  11. Ariema Dashgenari says:


  12. Amy says:

    Thank you so much!! So great to work abs when you cant lay down! (shoulder injury)

  13. S Nandra says:

    qsn, why wear trainers.?

  14. Gemma says:


  15. Shell Christine says:

    One of the best workouts I have done. So easy to follow and great music to 😃

  16. That 1 Blessed & Grateful Teacher Lor says:

    Thank you for you awesome non-boring workout videos that are home friendly. Love the variety of movies and burn!🙌🏼😁💪🏼

  17. Mari valencia says:

    Omg! This workout was AMAZING!! Thank you 🙂

  18. Sylvia MacKenzie says:

    I love this workout, cause I’m 57 is not really hard. Thank you !

  19. Gloria Charter says:

    I love this work out. I have a habit of zoning out when I am working out but I make sure I stay focused doing this. I try to do each move with attention and it turns into a lovely little meditation

  20. danngerify says:

    Great work out!!!! Just what I needed 😊

  21. Ali Duchesne says:

    Subscribed! Thank you for keeping it simple!

  22. Peggy Jimenez says:


  23. Yoga class says:


  24. Sandrine M. says:

    Ok. But quite repetitive mouvements, time goes long….

  25. Queen Z says:

    The best!

  26. Windy’s Wellness says:

    This is awesome. I am always on the hunt for new and fun standing ab exercises, so this one was great! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Martha Helena Otálvaro Benjumea says:


  28. Emilia Mckenzie says:

    that really gets the heart rate up. thank you <3

  29. Dining With Tara says:

    Great video Heather! Loved it ❤️

  30. Nikku says:

    Wao, i am going to try today, thanks a lot dear

  31. abodytodeodorize says:

    Love this one.Thank you very much

  32. Java Lee says:

    10 minutes can switch your mood and also change your life. 4 REAL Thank you XO

  33. B Free Speaks says:

    Que buena y estoy aprendiendo español también! perfecto, gracias…

  34. Bruno Marques says:

    Great exercise. Thanks ^–^

  35. Linda Chadwick says:

    Love the 10 minute workouts. This one that gets the heart rate up. Thank you!!

  36. shernique bailey says:

    Great work out

  37. purple tea says:

    Just finished it today!!!

  38. karen anderson says:

    Heathers workouts are great. I follow her all the time