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10 Mins Home Workout for Beginners | Full Body Exercises ( N…

10 Mins Home Workout for Beginners | Full Body Exercises ( N…

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  1. muktabai mahakale says:

    Mam muze ghutnome dard kam aur ghutne ke niche ki haddi me (nal) dard aur sujan aaye hai .kya aisa hota hai .

  2. Laxman Sakte says:

    Nice exercise

  3. Neha metha says:

    Mainye 2 days say chalu kiya hai…bahut ache execise hai…kitnye din tak karna hoga or kitna weight kam hoga…or back pain ke liye koiye exercise hoga to bathau na plz

  4. The Kido Ishi says:

    In Evening on which time we can do these exercises and after eating afternoon lunch how much time gap should be there for doing exercises in evening.

  5. Nilofar pathan says:

    Mast exercise hai sis thanks 😊

  6. Sania Jat says:

    I was 16 years can I do this

  7. Yusha Abbas says:

    Hi maam plz pregnant women ke liye bhi exercise and diet ki videos upload karein plz.

  8. ARTI GUPTA says:

    I have thigh and lower belly fat. Specially lower belly very stubborn. Please suggest one or two most effective exercises.

  9. Ankita Wayle says:

    Breast size kam karne ki exercise dale na plz

  10. Mehwis Qureshi says:

    Hello apo jaan kaisi hain aap api mujhe summer ki koi diet bata de please

  11. Anitha prasad says:

    Love ur exercises sis😍😍😍😍

  12. Shahnaz Farkhanda says:

    Nice very nice. Very simple Exercise l like to much. God bless you. You're great teacher. Thank you very much.

  13. Sushma M says:

    Should I stop eating rice

  14. Sushma M says:

    Hi iam andhra I tried lots of diet nt working weight show same If I do fr 20days also I nt stay without rice and tiffin idly OK night hve raw vegetables but nt worked OK shw sm diets which would work with rice and iddly dosa

  15. suba sarah says:

    Plzzz addd subtitles in English mam

  16. Ayesh Khanum says:

    I am 88πŸ˜­πŸ’”

  17. Neha Pawar says:

    Isse kitne din me kitna kg kam ho ga waight plz mam bataiye

  18. Sayarasuhail Suhail says:

    Hai di I will be seeing ur video but I m not doing any diet and workout also I will think to do but I can't do

  19. Shakila Khan says:

    Hiii dear aj se maine bhi chalu kiya exercise mujhe bahut aacha laga

  20. Khaleel TE says:

    Hi mam, my son is twelve years. He is 46 weight. He is doing ur exercise and feels better now. And the same time he has chest size is big like ladies breast. He wants to reduce can u plz post some exercise to reduce his chest size. As a mom i also worried abt him. Plz give some suggestions. Thank u mam. Ur exercise r superb and effective. Thank u for ur lovely videos.