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  1. Emi Wong says:

    I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. yogendra yadav says:

    How much calories can I burn by doing this exercise almost daily ?

  3. Guroshana Mohanadasan says:

    Tried this burned approximately 60 calories. However could not go full swing like emi. I sweat like hell

  4. victor says:

    work for twhite people?

  5. Abi Caterina says:

    5 minutes……

    i fell and slept 😑

  6. Nana Pastell says:

    In every workout I try to do there is always something with legs. Like I have a problem with my right hip, so most of these I can only do with my left leg.

    I'm not here to shame anybody ^^ just saying.

  7. cota77YT says:

    Again you give me the program I've been seeking. So AMAIZING.
    Thanks sososooooo much, Emi!!!!

  8. Colling Gurl says:

    the comment section really motivates me THANK CHU 😍😍😍

  9. Gracious grace says:

    Is that normal that i dont feel any burn this is my 2nd time doing this after the plank workout

  10. Skye Skylar says:

    I told myself I have three options : Workout, Become Anorexic or Bulimic. I chose workout

  11. Soumya Bhattacharya says:

    Hi I started this workout today and I feel tired but enthusiastic .don't give up guys😊😊

  12. Habsa Mohamed says:

    So I finally decided to comment. And omg the results!! So I was always was super insecure about my love handles and I wasted a whole summer away because I didn't feel good in any of my clothes. I stumbled across this and let me tell you, the best thing I ever did. 

    Every morning as soon as I woke up I would do this workout. Somedays I would do it before I went to bed if I felt like I needed it. Consistency is key guys. I cut off junk food and started going for more healthy foods. I didn't constantly check myself in the mirror. 

    I hated looking at myself and I guess my hate for my body was my motivation in a way. Anyways I found this video back in the end of June 2019 and by the end of July, my love handles were completely gone! I have some small hip dips so I wasn't exactly sure and confused the both. 

    So I didn't completely stop doing the workout until recently (last month). I'm still on my dream body journey. I found some different workouts that ensured super-fast results but I just couldn't do them and something about Emi's workouts are just different. Like they were for beginners but also pros. What I'm trying to say is guys this is amazing and is super effective. Be consistent and eat plenty of healthy foods!

  13. Violett glln says:

    What app can I use for timing like the one she's using?

  14. 。 cloud 。 says:

    Day 1 :oml my body is burning 🥵

  15. Tahoora Shaikh says:

    So i was at 35inches on 5th oct and on 11th oct my size came down to a 34inches!
    In a week!
    I mean im gonna be honest, i couldnt do the whole thing without droppong down several times (i still cant do the side hip dip), but i literally is so damn effectiveee

  16. Alissa Winer says:

    i need motovation for this workout please reply you can do it or like

  17. Natalia Ugaz says:

    Hi emi! I am gonna do this for 20 consecutive days! My cruise is on the 28th. I will tell you if my new bikini fits better. i want to surprise my hubby! 💛

  18. Lyndseigh’s Life says:

    Day 1: Oh my gosh!! I'm dying! When she's like don't give up it just made me flop to the floor harder 😂😂🤫🤫 I flopped down for most of the exercises but I just came back from a two hour long tennis practice so ya. I'll update tomorrow again OK so I decided to do it again on day 1 and it was a little easier. I am thirteen and weigh 50kg🤭😩😢😰 tryna get it down to 40. Wish me luck
    Day 3: it was super hard today my stomach is sooo sore but I’m staring to make progress! It is a little easier and I also did another workout vid and my stomach is slowly but surely starting to shrink

  19. Tahoora Shaikh says:

    I do a 10 min lie down session after this 10min workout

  20. Ro see says:

    This is really good! I started seeing a difference in only 4 days fkdksbskz, guys if you want to start this but don’t really know if it’s worth it, it really is!! It’s hard guys Ik but trust me.. it really helps. Thank you Emi❤️❤️❤️

  21. Caroline 123 says:

    Omg my waist was 28 inches one month ago and now it’s 27! I will continue to do Emi Wong’s workout. Really awesome!

  22. t-t-t-topanga says:

    Ngl for all the people who want to do this, get ready for a burn.

  23. Soumya Bhattacharya says:

    Emi thank you so much for your workout.this workout really is energetic and your explanation is so good.wish you a very good luck ❤❤

  24. Remnant Soldier says:

    Just find someone who loves muffins

  25. Tina Chandra says:

    In how many days or months u can get results

  26. filicia army forever says:

    I'm doing this at 5:00 in the morning😅

  27. Sahxra• UwU says:


  28. •мαsυηαgGє• says:

    I will do this after my sprained ankle recovered😭btw i did ur thigh workouts and holy muffin my thighs are now getting smaller and woaw i luv ur videos😚❤️

  29. Azurite says:

    My waist changes over time

    Before: ( )

    Goal: ) (

    1st waist is a bit slimmer but not noticeable I did loose 1 whole pound though!

    2nd week
    The workout was great this time, I went to the pool and I felt really comfortable in my bikini.

    3rd week I think I see a little 11 abs on my stomach, I didn't push through the workouts because they are getting easier for me to complete. My waist looks a bit more trimmed and my under arm fat is diapering.

    1 month: felt great this week, I did so many reps, and it felt great but a bit more tiring, I'll have to push even harder.

    Week 5: my waist looks good, but I am having some stomach issues so I look bloated from the side.

    Week 6: work out was great but I don't look any different so far, I am 98 pounds now though so I going to stop I feel confident and very clean.

    Waist: | |


    (Don't worry about my weight I am short and not very muscular so I have always weighed a lot less)

  30. _PaNsLa_ says:

    5:07 Emi: "Dont drop to the floor"
    Me: (Dying on the floor)

  31. alexa estereicher says:

    i’m gonna actually do this for two weeks everyday because i have homecoming soon and i don’t wanna look like a potato sack lmao
    day one:

  32. Budok Klate says:

    Please, no more EMOJI please. We all need to see that as A MOTIVATION.

  33. Nica says:

    Doing this for one week, will let you guys know my results!!!!

  34. Thema Mor says:

    Your body is my goal

  35. Lilo Tuyết says:

    I love the way you keep explain about động tác (i dont know how to write in Eng :p) while the clock count down, it’s make me feel time go faster.

  36. Lilian Alexander says:

    I’m going to update every week! See you then peeps

  37. Alyssa Singh says:

    My workout journey:

    Week 1: omg!! I’m burning 😂. Most challenging moves for me are the Plank Hip Dips and Groiner. When doing these moves I had to stop and take a 10 second break but then I continue. My goal is to be able to do the whole routine with out stopping by the end of the week 4!

    Week 2: I listened to my favourite music and did the routine which actually helped motivate me!! Still a little sloppy on the Hip Dips and Groiners but everything else is getting easier!

    Week 3: I almost made it through the Hip Dips!! Instead of 10 secs it was only 3 secs, I see this as a massive improvement!! I feel like I’m getting stronger!

    Week 4: I MADE IT THROUGH THE WHOLE ROUTINE!! I can’t believe it. This really does prove that this routine works. Before I could hardly do 5 Hip Dips, now I feel like I can do more then 45 seconds. My stomach feels smaller and my hips are looking a little smaller!!

    Week 5: I feel great, the workout is still challenging but not as hard as it used to be which is amazing. I highly suggest this workout

    Week 6: finished with out pausing and even did another half an hour work out on the equipment bike👌🏼.

    Week 7: over the course of the summer (2 months) I have been eating better at trying to exercise at least 3-4 times a week. I am proud to say that in 2 days school starts and I am very happy with the results!! I have a pair of black jeans the were so tight around my hip and waist that the zipper woulded zip. Yesterday was the first time I tried them on for the 2 months and THEY FIT!! I am very proud of myself and will try my hardest to continue working out and getting healthier 👌🏼

    DISCLAIMER: I have been working out for the whole summer (2months), I didn’t just do this for 7 days. Results take time! Good luck!

  38. hannah marie says:

    wanted to l update daily,
    but 7:03 got me dyijg

  39. Suga Kookies And Tae Lover says:

    Can someone please tell me in the comments if this works and how long it took them to lose the love handles?

  40. Larissa Stevenson says:

    How long do you need to do these for?? I want to lose some of my waist fat and my arm fat in 12 days, is it possible?? I would love to know!!!!